A new blog about a model car!

Welcome to my new blog about building scale model car(s) – mostly concerning the 1/12 scale kit of the Mazda 787B from Model Factory Hiro. This blog is to share the experince of my build, for my friends and especially for other model builders who come after me, and want to build this kit or one like it.

I am far from expert at model making, but it’s a great thing when the work is difficult but comes out to plan. I’m good at scratch building parts, but struggle sometimes with painting. Probably you’ll see my work at its best and also at its mistake- and rework-riddled worst.

Some of my previous builds can be seen on my previous blog about building the Model Airways 1/16 Curtiss JN-4D “Jenny” biplane (and others). I’ll post soon, some build photos of recent cars builds to get things started.

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