Section 1 Sub-assemblies

Section 1 continues… slowly. I am still prepping the monocoque and doors, but have begun to assemble some small sub-assemblies. My progress chart now tells me I have completed 4% of the model (probably optimistically as the number of parts will increase a bit as I add decals).

Fuel Filler Necks

As previously mentioned, I have filed off the molded hose clamps from the two fuel filler necks replaced them with photo-etched hose clamps and tiny screws. I have left the red- and yellow-tinted hose as just painted, with clear yellow and clear red. Photo-etched weld beads were added as well. Both necks are molded with a hole for a pressure fitting, but there is only a fitting on the left hand side, so I have removed the molding on the right hand part. The centre caps have the brand name highlighted in flat white enamel, which came out well, although I won’t install the caps until the necks are mounted on the body, so the orientation is correct.

Water Fill Tank

For the fil tank for coolant (I think that”s what it is), the instructions are a little unclear about fittings on the left and bottom of the tank. From reference material we can see that:

  • The bottom AN fitting doesnt ‘fit into the molded hole – that appears to be a cap or an electric plug, which I painted black and left alone. The AN fitting goes into the base of the tank immediately behind the molded hole – I say immediately as the fitting and hose needs to clear the framework around the tank.
  • The fitting on the left side is (I think) a temperature sensor line, which I painted black and drilled for 0.4mm wire to be fit later. The clear yellow hose in the instructions goes into the tank just under the cap, I added a wire pin (nickel silver 0.4mm) to hold it.
  • Tank cap sits at a jaunty angle just a little clock-wise of left-right across the body.
Carbon fibre part on the left (in plain weave at 45 degrees), coolant fill tank on the right
Reference material for the top of the fuel cell, from Super Detail File: Mazda 787B

Carbon Fibre

I have added the first carbon fibre decal in anger to the front footwell of the cockpit (part RE6, picture above). It looks good. If anyone noticed, I forgot that the top of the fuel cell also has some carbon fibre; the decal for that has been designed and cut out now.


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