Section 1 Bigger Sub-assemblies

Fuel Cell and Piping

Just the one photo of a mostly complete fuel cell with a bunch of piping and wiring on it. Most of these lines are additional to the Model Factory Hiro kit, and are based on reference photos like the one I have included here (from Super Detail File: Mazda 787B). Note also the wave pattern carbon fibre decals on the fuel cell.

One important caveat about this sub-assembly: the water top-up tank isn’t supposed to be attached until after the fuel cell is fitted onto the monocoque… so now I have no access to fit a screw behind the tank. I have remedied this by just reversing the screw (I will insert it from the front of the fireall, into the fuel cell), and cleaning up the holes to suit.


For the dashboard, I have a bunch of photos, showing how the dash is built up from the painted metal part, with carbon fibre and other decals, and into the finished assembly. The photos show:

  • 1 (top left) – The dashboard (part M35) is painted black, with a gloss clear coat. On some feartures (which will later be white or clear colours) I have rubbed off the paine with thinners. The CF decals are cut out. Some decals didnt seperate well from one another, because I didn’t cut entirely through the backing paper, but they are still usable. One was damaged and I made a spare.
  • 2 (top right) – Any features that will end up as semi-gloss are colours are hand painted.
  • 3 (bottom left) – Carbon fibre decals are applied.
  • 4 (bottom right) – All of the MFH decals are applied. A semi-gloss clear coat is applied over the whole piece (except the fuel screen, which is clear coated in gloss).

And the finished dashboard, with the shiny parts hand painted, and all parts assembled:

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