(Re)posting Section 3 assemblies

Given my decision to repaint the monocoque body (last post), I can’t really show progress of building up the car – there’s nothing to stick the parts to! That said, I will show various sub-assemblies as they get built up, ready to add to the car when (eventually) the body is ready.

I previously posted (but unpublished) some painted parts from Section 3, which now have been made up into the front radiator mount, and two front wheel hub assemblies. Here are the painted parts reposted, together with the completed assemblies:

Update: I discovered later that the front hub assemblies should have included the front wishbones (parts M92 and M93) as, with the brake discs asstached, there is no way to screw the wishbone into the hub. In mine I will just use glue where the screw was supposed to go. The rear hub assemblies are built in a similar way, with the lower wishbone screwed into the hub (hopefully) before the brake disc is attached to the hub. Or in my case, not.

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