Section 7 – More engine stuff completed!

After a busy few days prepping, painting and glueing parts: I have completed the next section! Section 7 adds a bunch of auxillary components to the engine, and I guess is a fairly straightforward section. The main wrinkle is that the ‘carbon fibre’ mounting plate and its support brackets didn’t seem to fit together particularly well. I used the fuel cell (part RE12) as a jig to ensure the brackets are fit correctly – that is, I need to make make sure now that the engine will eventually mount into RE12). Here’s a picture:

Support brackets (parts M252/M253) being glued to the engine block, with engine and brackets dry fit to the fuel cell (RE12)

The engine, at the completion of Section 7, now looks like this:

A couple of small elements – a clear yellow pipe, and some eletrical cabling – are still to be added, probably later when the engine is installed into the monocoque.

UPDATED: In the above photos, you can see the variable air intake stepper motors on the top of the engine (2 each of parts M169, M167). I would reccomend NOT fixing these until Section 8 – as they get in the way of attaching the intakes.

3 thoughts on “Section 7 – More engine stuff completed!

  1. A nice engine. With the WIP from Gareth, I saw that he placed distance elements between individual rotors so that the cover plate fit exactly. Did it work for you without? Did you use the cf-decal kit? The Braided line fits well with the engine and scale. Have you already figured out how the wiring continues from the plugged in. I’m looking forward to the next step.


  2. Hi Martin.
    1. The base plate does NOT fit without shimming the engine rings… I have been chatting to Gareth, I beleive he is planning to shim the engine like I did in my last post (
    2. I made a custom CF decal for the mounting plate
    3. I am adding >>some<< additional wires from the plugs at the top of the engine… but I havent found much detail about the routing. I will probably just run them down from the engine and them hide them under the rest of the piping. I plan to follow the instructions have in Section 8 which describe the wiring on the mounting plate.


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