Section 9 – Transmission begun

In Section 9 (or Step 9, or Stage 9, whatever your preference) of the instructions, the transmission and rear suspension is built up, and then mated to the engine. All of that assembly - engine, trans, suspension - gets mated in turn to the body in Sction 10. Section 9 has four parts to it … Continue reading Section 9 – Transmission begun

Inspired to add some wiring

I had planned not to add any extra wiring on top of the engine but... firstly, it looks a little bare, especially compared to reference photos, which show a whole lotta stuff going on up there. Secondly, Model Factory Hiro recently posted photos of a Mazda 787B build by Frank Tournade which features a lot … Continue reading Inspired to add some wiring

Section 8 – Intake and exhaust manifold completed

I am still chugging along with painting the bodywork - for Sections 1, 2, 4 and 5 - and progressing the engine build in between sanding, painting, filling, sanding, painting, etc, etc. In Section 8 the variable length air intakes are built; the instructions show the intake tubes themslves added last, but I built things … Continue reading Section 8 – Intake and exhaust manifold completed