Section 8 – Intake and exhaust manifold completed

I am still chugging along with painting the bodywork – for Sections 1, 2, 4 and 5 – and progressing the engine build in between sanding, painting, filling, sanding, painting, etc, etc. In Section 8 the variable length air intakes are built; the instructions show the intake tubes themslves added last, but I built things in reverse order: I added the tubes and their support hardware to the basic intake first, so I could place the intake flat on the bench and check the support wires were square (upright).

The variable length part of this assembly is modelled using springs inside the intake, so the two sets of tubes can move up and down, riding on the central support wire. Here is a video to prove it actually works!

Since the above photos were taken, I have replaced the U-shaped aluninium tubes that model the cable guides at the top of the intake, as they were too big to fit within the air box. Below is a photo of a test fit with the engine and some bodywork, to check (and later, to set) the alignment of the intakes and the airbox. You may notice that the stepper motors (parts M169 and M167, added in Section 7) have been removed from the top of the engine for now, as I couldn’t fit the intake with them in place.

And here, the test fit of the exhaust manifold and muffler. Hopefully they will join up this well when the muffler and, later, the engine and exhaust manifold, are fit into the body.

And, finally, the intake assembly, exhaust manifold and a few other bits and pieces from Section 8, all mounted to the engine:

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