Inspired to add some wiring

I had planned not to add any extra wiring on top of the engine but… firstly, it looks a little bare, especially compared to reference photos, which show a whole lotta stuff going on up there. Secondly, Model Factory Hiro recently posted photos of a Mazda 787B build by Frank Tournade which features a lot of scratch-built wiring. The wiring in the engine and in the cockpit is beautiful work, and has inspired me to add some extra detail on the engine.

I have decided to model: the part of the loom that connects the ignition coils; the cable and plug to the alternator; cabling and plugs for the intake stepper motors; and a random plug and wire on the rear left hand side of the engine (?). My reference photos don’t show a great deal of detail and so some poetic licence will be taken.

I should note that I already have included (in my annotated instructions) plans for lots of additional hoses and wiring around the engine (some already built for Section 1), so hopefully this extra wiring will complement that.

Here is the engine to date, following completion of Section 8 plus the extra wiring.

One thought on “Inspired to add some wiring

  1. Hi Jason
    The additional wiring and connectors are very good. Looks very realistic. Maybe a connection to the starter. I look forward to further progress.


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