Section 9 – Transmission begun

In Section 9 (or Step 9, or Stage 9, whatever your preference) of the instructions, the transmission and rear suspension is built up, and then mated to the engine. All of that assembly – engine, trans, suspension – gets mated in turn to the body in Sction 10.

Section 9 has four parts to it – in the first panel, which is the subject of this post, the transmission and some of the rear suspension is built up. I found this section a tough one – not least of all because one of the splindlier suspension parts broke (the link sticking out of M96/M97 if you want the detail)… I tried to repair it, got a new one from Model Factory Hiro, and then it broke again. I finally repaired it by drilling both broken ends and inserting a wire pin. [Update] The other side also broke later on, it also was drilled and pinned, using the rear hubs to help get the repaired link to the correct length.

The other big ticket item in this panel is part RE20 – this is the transmission itself, a largish resin part. My part looked like the mold halves were misaligned, so left and right sides didn’t match. Also, I think the resin shrank a fair bit, leaving the top surface a bit like a dish. I wanted the ends, top and bottom to be flat and square, so I filled them with epoxy and sanded everything to be more true. Before primer, the reshaped part looked like this:

RE20 filled – flatter and straighter.

[Update] On RE20, so I could sand the top surface flat, I stripped the little mounting pads and also the large boss to mount the tall round doodad (oil filler I think). The mounting pads for the X-shapes engine brace were re-created from styrene sheet. Initially I glued the oil filler back in place by eye, but later I realised it needs to align with the access hole in the rear cover. The oil filler will be glued into its final position when the engine is in the body and can be test fit to the rear cover.

There were some wins in this assembly, notably the weld lines on the tall round doodad (oil filler?), and that I got the suspension to line up and fit together. FYI there is a thin shim (about 0.5mm) between the (steel) transmission case and the (gold) rear, this is to allow the rear (gold) case to fit over the big suspension brace.

And so, after fixing all parts for this section/panel, this is what it looks like.

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