The car has a driver!

Well, the car doesn’t exist yet but the driver is complete! To recap, the driver figure is based on Johnny Herbert as he drove the car for a display lap at Le Mans in 2011 – the 20th anniverary of the car’s win. Here again are the reference photos of him (from this Youtube video and here and here.):

[Update] As I mentioned earlier, the figure is built from a 1/12 driver kit from Model Factory Hiro. In order to get him to fit better in the seat – and to have his hands lined up with the steering wheel – his joints have been adjusted. I broke his legs at the knees (!) so I could straighten his legs out; I rotated his arms outwards (so his elbows end up further apart) at the the shoulders; I shaved some of his neck joint and rolled his head backwards (so he looks upwards a little bit more). The missing parts of his knees and shoulders were then moulded from epoxy filler (Milliput), epoxy resin, and putty.

Here is the completed figure, painted and with custom decals on his chest and hands. This was my first ever scale figure and I think it’s successful. He has more hair than the real Johnny Herbert; in any case the helmet ends up covering most of his head. The helmet was painted white, then masked for the red and blue/black bands. More custom decals were applied for the Arai logos and union jacks.

Now the driver is done, he can be placed into the seat and racing harness. The harness has been modified just a little – the straps are now buckled up. In this image, the decals haven’t been added -they will be added after the straps are in place on the seat/driver.

This whole assembly – seat, with driver and harness – will be placed onto the undertray (part RE7). It looks like… this!

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