More transmission – and lighting!

In the second panel of Section 9, the rear truss, which holds rear wing (eventually), plus the transmission radiator, is added to the transmission. The trusses also hold the rear lighting, which is described in Section 11, but I have added now as I need to route lighting wiring before assembling the rear truss. This means we can fire up some LED lighting on the model!

The main complexity in this section is getting the trusses to fit – as they connect to the transmission at multiple points. I probably should have done more dry fitting with the trusses built up, but I did get it all to fit. I think I was lucky with some shimming I added to the transmission, mentioned in my last post.

Here is the tranny with the rear end trusses attached:

This video shows the LED lighting running, connected to my lighting electronics, which I will describe in future posts. I have set this up this to run the rear indicators flashing together (hazard lights) and the rain light flashing. The rain light flashes on when the indicators flash off.

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