Repainting the monocoque – exterior colours

Well, its been three months, but I have finally progressed the painting of the monocoque and doors. The exterior colour coats are done, ready for decals to be appplied.

For the fluorescent orange, I settled on a base colour of Tamiya TS-98 Pure Orange, which gives me good coverage over the primer, and then TS-96 Fluorescent Orange over. The green is Tamiya TS-35 Park Green. All these Tamiya spray colours were decanted and applied with an airbrush.

The parts were primed with grey primer, and then white primer was applied under (approximately) the orange areas. The orange areas (and a bit around them) were sprayed.

For the masking of the green / black / silver, I mocked up the full body to work out where my lines should fall, like this:

Then the green, black and silver were sprayed:

This summary makes it look like the painting proceeded in an efficient, straightforward manner; it really didn’t. Along the way I repaired many areas of poor finish, paint chips, oversprays, incorrect masking. That’s why (with also some procrastinating) it took three months. Even today I had to repaint a section of orange that was discoloured by the decal solution (weird, right?). Note that fixing the orange means respraying TWO colors AND getting the correct intensity of fluro orange.

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