Very bad decal news: Rerepainting

The very bad news is that I had some large problems with decals, and repainting of much of the body and doors will be required. Be gentle, I’m still grieveing, but here is the story.

I was using Model Factory Hiro’s extra set of line decals, but the set I purchased had some problems… I think the decals were old, and the adhesive had completely given up. I later found I could lift the decals from their backing even when completely dry! So, the line decals would not stick, even with various decal setting solutions and softeners. Trying to affix, and then removing the decals, affected the paint finish, so I have had to sand back to get a good finish again.

I have asked MFH to send a new decal set for the kit, as I had to scrap some the decals from the kit. Without a new sheet, I will struggle to proceed. As far as the line decals go, I don’t know if another set would be better… in any case MFH and Hiroboy are out of stock, so I am considering other options. I am looking into making my own dashes from white decal film, or adhesive vinyl or tape.

I also have to repaint the doors, both orange and green, and most of the monocoque. I won’t be posting any pictures (still too painful) until everything is repainted.

I am still preparing and painting parts for other sections – I have painted parts for everything to Section 9 set aside already. I might take the opportunty to post some details about how the lighting was done, while I work out the paint and decals.

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