Third time’s the charm for painting the body!

Well, some much happier news after the decals and paint debacle… the monocoque and doors have been repainted, and the side pods and undertray have also been painted! New decals have been sourced and applied to all six of these pieces.

For the kit decals I had to remove, I ordered a replacement set of the relevant sheet of decals from Model Factory Hiro. They arrived in less than a week.

For the white dashed lines… well, the MFH line decals are out of stock everywhere (even MFH have none) and I don’t really trust them anyway. My solution for those has been to design my own custom decals, and have them printed by Dr Decal and Mr Hyde here in Australia. The decals printed well, although they are not as opaque as MFH’s. This was expected, as most white custom decal film I have used really needs two layers to give a good, opaque white over painted colour. I have enough line parts to make two full sets, so I did all the lines twice – one layer over the other.

So, pictures. First off, here is the painting stages of the side pods (RE4 and RE5) and undertray (RE7)

And finally, the body, doors, side pods and undertray with decals applied.

Next step is to paint the ‘interior’ sections of these parts (in black) and apply the carbon fiber decals.

2 thoughts on “Third time’s the charm for painting the body!

    1. Hi Martin, I m using three types of CF decal: Kevlar / plain weave / wave pattern:
      Model Factory Hiro P1093 Carbon Decal Yellow (Kevlar) Type 2
      Scale Motorsports 1424 1/24 Carbon Fiber Plain Weave Pewter Metallic on Black
      Model Factory Hiro P1138 Carbon Thick Wave Pattern S


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