We hit the halfway mark (sortof)!

As I write this, my spreadsheet is telling me that I have completed 53% of the model – so in one way I am over the halfway mark. Well, sortof, because the Mazda is a monocoque, and with the body still being painted, I can’t attach all the completed assemblies to anything yet.

And speaking of assemblies, I have completed a couple more while I progress the body sections. Painting the interiors of these is taking some time as I had to do another paint repair, thanks to some masking tape tearing off some paint. I think I have some problem areas where the primer didn’t stick very well. Also, I need to recut some carbon fiber decals but the replacement material is held up in the post (thank you Covid-19 and Australia Post).

First up, I have been playing with a new 3D printer (!). One of my projects was a base plate on which to mount the electronics that will live in the display base. Here it is, in blue plastic, with the boards mounted and some wiring hooked up. I put a link to the 3D model for this base on the Documentation page.

The rear wing, part of Section 11, is also painted and assembled…

…as are the wheels, which are all of Section 15. Note the front wheels have these white covers on them, but the wheels themselves are finished with every bit of detail that is on the rears, although it will never be seen.

And finally, if you are wondering what 53% completed actually looks like, with nothing attached to the body, here goes. My latest count is that there will be 1,633 parts in the model, including all decals (original and custom), and all extra parts added for extra detail. In the photo below, there are 858 (53%) fully completed parts already attached to some sub-assembly, plus another 211 (13%) which are painted and ready to be attached. So this is what some 1,069 parts looks like:

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