Where did the 787B go?

You may be wondering why I haven’t posted for more than a year. Weeeeeeellllll, I put the model aside for ‘a while’ after running into some troubles with the latter stages of the assembly, while I worked out exactly what to do about those troubles.

Bad news – its not fixable

The short version is that trying to repair / complete the model became un-fun, so I put it in the cupboard. My plan now is to remake the car mostly from scratch, with some salvaged components where I can.

The long story goes like this: When I looked at the fit of the rear cover, I found a number of problems, which I was trying to correct, without much success.

  • It looks like the side pods are not correctly fit, they are slightly too far apart. The fit between the side pods and the centre section isn’t good, and the rear cover isn’t fitting despite many attempts to modify it.
  • There are some other fit issues at the rear – I am having trouble with the latches for the rear cover, and with locating the rear lighting assemblies with their mountings on the side pods (side pods again!).
  • The fit between the engine’s air intakes and the airbox is poor also, and I suspect that the engine and/or intakes are not correctly located – or maybe the air box (on the side pod) is the problem.
  • There is a dud electrical connection to the rear lighting ‘somewhere’, which is causing an intermittent fault with the lights. The lights work ‘for now’ but if it fails, it won’t be repairable.

Mucking about endlessly trying to correct this and other things was causing the model to become ‘overworked’ – an endless cycle of repairs, damage, and increasingly poorer repairs to parts fit, paint, decals, etc.

There are also a few things I remain unhappy with on the model: The white dashes (custom decals) never really worked out, the orange paint was too hard to match and repair… (basically I have stopped using Tamiya spray lacquers on my models). Also, I have found better supplies for some of the superdetailing detail parts – hoses and cabling – which will install with less damage and look better.

Better news – Let’s try that again

The big question is now, 18 months later, what do do about all this? … so I found one 787B kit on the entire interweb – about 5 km away from my house – and I bought it, and I plan to have a ‘do over’ from scratch.

Some parts can be salvaged from the existing model, especially my scale Johnny Herbert. His body might get a repaint, and is helmet needs paint touchups. The electronics board for the LED lighting is complete and perfectly fine. I have some parts which were prepared in 2020 but never installed – for example, the entire front cover, with all its lighting.

Some parts may be salvageable from the model, probably not many, and it depends how much damage I do in removing them. The wheels could be good for a diorama, although the fronts need some work.

I think I’ll I un-publish a lot of my previous posts, and re-post them as I go through the process again, with updated information and approaches. My updated instructions are now correctly linked from the Documentation page.

3 thoughts on “Where did the 787B go?

  1. Wow, that sounds heart breaking. I have seen complaints about MFH kits and their fit before though, so you are not alone there. You have my greatest respect for sticking to your plan to create a high quality model, even if it means (almost) restarting!
    On another note I have been following this blog and was worried that something bad had happened, since the posts stopped around Corona time… So glad to see this is not the case, even if you had to push the reset button on the project! I hope you keep enjoying this kit!


    1. Hi Chris and thanks for your thoughts. I am well – no coronavirus issues – and have been making other models.
      MFH kits do have fitment issues, althought in this case I think the fault was my own. I am still mad keen on this car, and on this kit, which is wonderfully detailed and also has a lot of scope for superdetailing. I hope to get (back) into the Mazda more seriously in a few week after I finish whats on the bench.


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