[Episode 5] Proper Planning Part 5 – Superdetailing

Now we get to the fun stuff: adding detail to this already wonderfully detailed kit. Part of improving the detail is in the paint treatments (see Episode 2): getting the paint colours accurate, picking out details on each part in different colours, and adding carbon fibre decals. The other part is adding stuff!

Superdetailing parts that I plan to add to the model are also listed in The Big Spreadsheet. In my annotated instructions, superdetailing parts arent really highlighted, but there are often notes describing the detail being added. I also have noted any out-of-the-box parts that will no longer be used, replaced by superdetailing: they get a big red cross.

The superdetailing items I am planning are:

  • I am painting the green, black and silver on the body, rather than using the supplied decals, and am using the Model Factory Hiro decal set to add the white lines (Is this a superdetail or just paint? In any case I need to record which decals are added or removed)

I have to interrupt myself here to rant about the MFH line decals (1/12 scale LINE DECAL for 787B). APart from the fact you can’t get them anymore, they were awful. Mostly they just wouldnt stick, so maybe I got a bad batch. In any case I went with some cheap custom decals, which stuck but were also awful – they were not opaqe enough, even when I put two layers on every line. I have now gone for some better quality custom white decals. Fingers crossed.

  • Replacing some out-of-the-box carbon fibre decals with my own, and adding three “Never Give Up!” decals on the body
  • A bunch of additional and replacement hoses, pipes and wires in the engine bay, plus the relevant hose fittings, cable ties, hose clamps, etc (I count about 20 out-of-the-box lines; I have added another 25)
  • Some photo-etched weld beads on parts with prominent welds

AND of course, one more big item – I am adding LED lighting, and its associated wiring and electronics. I will be lighting up the headlights x 4, indicators x 6, tail lights x 2, rain light, and the roof warning light. All of these will be turned on by a set of switches on the display base.

The LED lighting design is detailed in this Visio file. The file contains the electrical schema, wiring harness design and routing, PCB design, and the modifications needed to the display base.

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