[Episode 6] Parts Parts Parts

Out of the Box

It’s time to have a quick look at what’s in the box for the Model Factory Hiro Mazda 787B. This post isn’t quite the grand unboxing video, but hopefully will give you a sense of what’s in the kit, and what extra parts I have for superdetailing. There are some additonal photos in Gareth Evans’ post along a similar theme. Note that this is not the first time I have opened the box – the bags have been labelled with my identifiers.

Everything comes in a large, somewhat bare, cardboard box, but coloured to mimic the Renown fluroescent orange. When we first open the box, we see the resin parts, the tyres and a bag of multimedia bits atop the instructions, all sitting on a cardboard tray. Underneath the tray, there are bags of white metal parts plus the turned wheel rims.

When I bought my second copy of this kit, it didnt come in the orange box… MFH’s current patterned box. Oh well. Also the new kits dont include the orange card with updates to the instructions.

In more detail, the resin parts bags look like this:

And here are the instructions (with the orange sheet of corrections), decal sheets, and the various multimedia parts:

The white metal parts, in eight bags, come in a bit of a jumble. Some parts are already bent and will need to be fixed up later. From the factory, these bags were held tightly to the carboard backing with cling film.

This time around I seperated the metal parts into more bags – to try and stop them wrecking each other. No new photo – it looks much like this.

Superdetailing Parts

ALl the extra parts I plan to use are in 7 bags, plus I have a collection of decals. I won’t list everything individually, the parts are all listed in The Big Spreadsheet available on the Documentation page, but in board terms the contents are listed after the photos.

  • Bag X1 has photo-tech parts: hose clamps, cable ties and weld beads.
  • Bags X2 and X7 have parts for hoses and cables: heat shrink tube, mesh hose, braided hose, various kinds of wire.
  • Bags X3 and X6 have styrene and metal rod, tube and sheet.
  • Bag X4 has has parts for the display case – switches, hookup wire, mounting screws and washers.
  • Bag X5 has the LEDs and the tiny circular plugs and sockets.
  • The extra decals include the custom white decals, carbon fibre decals, and clear and white custom decal film.

Salvage Parts

I also have some parts salvaged from the previous build. Some parts were never started, and they have ended up as spares in the main kit. There is also a box of prepped and painted parts and subassemblies that may find their way into this new build.

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