[Episode 7] The Start and End All in One

The big problem I had with my first attempt was fit of the body panels. Just lining them up for paint was no picnic either. My plan this time is to test fit the entire structure of the car together, paint all the body panels, and then I will be more confident (hoping and praying) that the parts will fit together again months from now.

More Parts Than You Might Expect

In this diagram are the full set of parts needed to either (a) connect all the structure of the body, (b) be painted in one or more of the body colours, (c) connect a painted part to the rest of the body, or maybe (d) all of the above. This shows how all the parts connect. The colours show the dominant colour of each part, which helps to identify the body-coloured parts – they’re either orange or green in this diagram.

All the parts to be prepped for dry fitting the body and/or painting all the body colour parts

The Rear Panel Will Never Fit Unless…

Also, I noticed this defect in the rear cover of my first kit – and it is molded the same in the one I bought recently. One of the wheel wells in the rear cover is connected to the side of the cover, right where a part (its a cover latch pin) is supposed to go through. If I want the rear cover to fit, the wheel well will need to be cut and reglued into its correct position.

But on this side, the wheel well and the side meet with an overlap – that’s bad as there is a part that is supposed to go through the side where the red line is. On this side only, that part would hit the wheel well. I think the inner face of the wheel well should follow the blue line, but it is twisted and shifted forwards.

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