[10] Test fitting the engine: another part that doesn’t fit

SO, happily test fitting parts to the engine block, I discover that bracket M253 does not fit. This bracket helps hold the block and engine top plate to the fuel cell/firewall. I looked at the wreckage of my first attempt building this kit and it seems that if one can get the bracket to fit between the engine block and the top plate (which somehow, I did) then it will NOT fit into the holes in the fuel cell (RE12)… it looks like previously I had to drill a new hole in RE12 and ‘make it fit’ – a shameless act that I will not be repeating.

As usual I forgot to take a photo of the part as supplied, in the act of not fitting. Here is the relevanmt section of the instructions, with M253 circled in orange.

So now the plan is to test fit the engine block mounted to the fuel cell, and modify the offending M253 to fit. Actually, you only need the front most slice of the engine for this. I chopped the M253 into two and temorarily superglued the pieces into a better configuration. That at least, I took a photo of:

The superglued new part will hold together long enough for me to solder it together and fill in the large gap. Some acetone to clean off the glue, some more solder, and some re-shaping gives me a much better-fitting bracket. …well, of course the pins all broke off so I had to rebuild them as well. After much work soldering, drilling, glueing, ranting,… its time for another photo:

The brackets are still rough – they are fit to thegine but not completely cleaned up and surfaced. There are some gaps which I expect to close up when these parts are glued together.

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