[11] Test fitting the body

While prepping the engine parts proceeds (a short update will follow in my next post), I have also begun preparing parts for the body. As I mentioned in Episode 7, there are quite a lot of parts that make uop the body, or are needed to fit the body. Here are all the parts needed to test fit the body:

You may notice a few parts salvaged from the wreck of my first attempt at this kit; some of those salvaged parts are already prepped and fit well, some dont seem to fit as well as the new parts, so I’ll decide which to use case-by-case as I go along.

For now, I am cleaning up these parts just enough to get them to fit together. My first rough test fit went OK; you may notice some poorly fitting parts: the doors need a lot of work, and the rear cover is a bit off at the backof the car. There is some bowing being introduced at the front of the chassis which needs some attention. But, front and rear covers fit quite well to the central monocoque (RE3), and most things align reasonably welkl with the side pods, so this may be a good first step.

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