[Episode 12] Preparing all sorts of parts (and fixing one)

Since my last post I haven’t painted anything… I have instead been working through the body parts, preparing them, test fitting various parts to them, and while I was there anyway I have been preparing many of the smaller parts that fit to the body and chassis. Here are some (not all) of the parts waiting around for paint:

I have also recently been working on a modification (fix?) to some of the aero features in the rear cover. The rear has openings on either side, directing air out from underneath. Each opening has a central element which, on the rear car, are treated the same – just a simple panel rivited into the bodywork – but on the model they are treated differently.

As you can see in this image from the intructions, on the left side, M34 is a seperate piece inserted from below. On the right, RE19 forms the entire duct and the central element is molded in. My concerns are that:

  • RE19 doesnt really reflect how the central element is treated (ie, seperately) on the real car.
  • It will be very tough to spray paint RE19 with that central element in the way… let alone polish the paint! (RE19 has to be glued into the rear cover and smoothed out before painting).

Here’s my fix: On the left, the stock RE19. On the right, I have removed the central element from RE19 and carved a slot… which allows a seperate central element (from scrap white metal) to be inserted from underneath.

And here is the rear cover with the ducting fitted (very roughly for now). At left, the stock RE19, and at right, the modded RE19 with its seperate central element in positon(ish).

[Update} Well, that didnt work at all. I found out the hard way that, with RE19 glued into the rear cover, that central element cannot be put in position… and then it breaks. Also the open slot in RE19 lets it distort all over the place when its being fit into the rear cover.

So… let’s try that again with some more scrap white metal, and a letterbox design where the central element is inserted from the side, not the front or rear, and the rear edge of RE19 isn’t cut. So far we have this WIP:

By the way, I still have to correct the problems with the wheel well on the left side, which I described in Episode 7. That fix will affect the fitting of RE19 into the rear cover, as you can see in this image from that earlier post:

[Update] And later… here is the ‘after’ shot. I cut the joint using a thin (photo-etch) saw, bent it into shape with a little heat, and then glued it. It’s straight!


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