On this page, all the instructions and other documents I have created/used for the build. This stuff will be explained in more detaail in (future) blog posts.

Build Flow

The Build Flow is my plan for preparing and painting the parts. There is a general approach plus a few specific approaches for special finishes.

Out-of-the-Box Instructions

The five sheets of corrected instructions have already been published by Model Factory Hiro on their page for the kit, so I am just echoing a copy here for reference.

What MFH haven’t published online is the full-size patterns for some pieces. These patterns were on a printed sheet of corrections which was included in the box. I have uploaded a scan of the relevant page (all the other updates have since been included in the ‘correct’ instructions) – note the ‘full size’ for this image is A4 (297mm x 210mm).

My Annotated Instructions

Here is the documentation for MY version of the build. These links are to the updated versions of the documentation for my second run at this model. If you need the older versions, I’ll provide those links below.

First up is the updated colour table, with all the (paint) treatments. (This is actually just a part of The Big Spreadsheet which can be downloaded below.)

Here is the five pages of instructions with all my annotations and additions, and some extra pages for superdetailing decals and parts.

Here are my additional instructions for the LED lighting – the electrical schema, wiring harness details, and components that need to be built up.

Here is my analysis of the parts that need to be considered when getting the body to fit together, plus similar analysis for the engine, transmission, chassis, etc, etc.

Here are my patterns for carbon fiber decals:

Here are my custom decals for the bodywork and display base:

And custom decals for the driver:

AND: The Big Spreadsheet which details ALL the parts used in this build. (Multiple sheets, may be easier to download it. Includes the paints list also.)

AND ALSO: Here is the file that describes the 3D-printed electronics base.

Additional Materials

You can download the DYMO font, used for my display base decals, here.

I also used this Cable Diameter Calculator spreadsheet, which I got from…(I can’t remember; I will update this page with the attribution when I find it).

Old Versions of my Documentation

These linkls are to the earlier versions of these files, which I used for my first, not super successful, version of this build… but if you were using this material and want to stick with it, here they are.

The Big Spreadsheet:

The matching annotated instructions:

And the lighting details that matches the above:

For carbon fiber decals, just use the file above. Patterns may have changed but the approach is basically the same.