[11 1/2] Preparing engine parts

A short update on the engine. All parts for the short block - Section 6 - and for the engine accessories added as Section 7 are now ready for paint. These parts are all metal - white metal and some alumnium shims - and have been cleaned up, drilled, test fit, polished... There are 35 … Continue reading [11 1/2] Preparing engine parts

[10 1/2] Test fitting the engine

With the engine block shims in place, and one of the mounting brackets modified, we can finally test that the engine block will fit to the top and bottom plates, air intake and exhaust manifolds. We'll do this by keeping the block mounted to the fuel cell (RE12), which will also let us check the … Continue reading [10 1/2] Test fitting the engine

[10] Test fitting the engine: another part that doesn’t fit

SO, happily test fitting parts to the engine block, I discover that bracket M253 does not fit. This bracket helps hold the block and engine top plate to the fuel cell/firewall. I looked at the wreckage of my first attempt building this kit and it seems that if one can get the bracket to fit … Continue reading [10] Test fitting the engine: another part that doesn’t fit