[Episode 14] Section 6 (Engine block) completed!

The first complete section of the do-over is complete - Section 6, which is the engine block build. This is the first assembly completed as I need the block, plus a few other parts which mount it to the body, so I can test the fit the engine and transmission to the body. Photos of … Continue reading [Episode 14] Section 6 (Engine block) completed!

[11 1/2] Preparing engine parts

A short update on the engine. All parts for the short block - Section 6 - and for the engine accessories added as Section 7 are now ready for paint. These parts are all metal - white metal and some alumnium shims - and have been cleaned up, drilled, test fit, polished... There are 35 … Continue reading [11 1/2] Preparing engine parts

[10] Test fitting the engine: another part that doesn’t fit

SO, happily test fitting parts to the engine block, I discover that bracket M253 does not fit. This bracket helps hold the block and engine top plate to the fuel cell/firewall. I looked at the wreckage of my first attempt building this kit and it seems that if one can get the bracket to fit … Continue reading [10] Test fitting the engine: another part that doesn’t fit