Sections 1 and 2 are DONE!

Things are moving along now that the hard work of painting the body is behind me - I have completed assembly of Sections 1 and 2, which address the building up of the monocoque, fuel cell and dashboard. Nearly 2/3 of the model's parts are completed! Before we get to the (partly) completed body, some … Continue reading Sections 1 and 2 are DONE!

Repainting the monocoque – exterior colours

Well, its been three months, but I have finally progressed the painting of the monocoque and doors. The exterior colour coats are done, ready for decals to be appplied. For the fluorescent orange, I settled on a base colour of Tamiya TS-98 Pure Orange, which gives me good coverage over the primer, and then TS-96 … Continue reading Repainting the monocoque – exterior colours