Sections 1 and 2 are DONE!

Things are moving along now that the hard work of painting the body is behind me – I have completed assembly of Sections 1 and 2, which address the building up of the monocoque, fuel cell and dashboard. Nearly 2/3 of the model’s parts are completed!

Before we get to the (partly) completed body, some detail on the lighting. The wiring harness is installed in the monocoque, and the two indicators on the body (RE3) are wired up – and they work! The alert lamp on the roof of the body is installed and party wired; it will be connected to the harness after the side pods and undertray go on.

And now for some pictures of the body as at the end of Section 2. There is a lot of wiring and plumbing hanging looses; itthey will be connected in later Sections. The ugly ends of the plumbing sticking into the cockpit will be hidden by other parts later.

For those model builders playing along, my only note for this section is that the fuel filler tubes (parts M106, M107) are a very tight fit. I got them in with the fuel cell (RE12) screwed in loosely, after which RE12 can be tightened up. The filler tubes are in so tight they did not need any glue.

3 thoughts on “Sections 1 and 2 are DONE!

    1. Hi Don, some came from local electronics shops, some from eBay.
      * LEDs were from eBay, search for pre-wired 0603 / 0402 LEDs
      * Black litz wire came from eBay but I also sourced thin ‘wire wrap’ wire
      * very small (0.8 and 1.0mm) heat shrink tubing I got from eBay, bigger sizes from the store
      * PCB and other electronics came from local stores
      * Nano circular plug and socket came from local supplier of Omnetics plugs
      * flasher unit was from a local supplier of model rail signal lights, you could also try sirect from


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