[13] More bodywork, more parts

I have been preparing more and more parts, as they are needed to fit to the body parts I have been prepping the parets and readying them for paint. Parts for Sections 6 and 7 (the engine block and some accessories) have been painted and should show up in a future post.

For now, some photos of the test fit of the transaxle and rear suspension, from Section 9 of the instruciotns. This is one of the more complex set of parts to get to fit well. For these images, I have removed most of the masking tape holiding it all together. Some temporary wire pins are in place as well.

I have also been slowly progressing the fit of body panels, including work on the doors. In these photos, I have bent the door parts to a reasonable fit, and located the upper doors (the window frames) on the upper hinges. Some temporary holes through the two parts, with wire pins inserted, are there to locate the door parts when they get glued together.

You may notice neither door has its lower hinge… one of them broke off, and the other one I cut off (for now). They didnt seem to be in the right place anyway, so my plan is to reattach them once I have an OK fit for the glued-together doors.

I will also need to finalise the fit of the doors with body filler, including setting the gaps around them. To do this I will be using Tamiya’s two-part polyester putty, some tubes of which I managed to buy from an ebay seller in Japan (there don’t seem to be any tubes of this stuff for sale in Australia right now).


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